Studying for CCDA

I’ve decided to start studying for the CCDA. I haven’t taken any tests for awhile and I’d like to start down the road to renewing my CCNP R&S (which admittedly won’t expire for another 26 months). I plan to knock out the CCDA before November is over and then the CCDP by the end of February 2019.

My normal study patterns are typically loose and I don’t set any deadlines. I am still usually able to achieve goals in this fashion. This time however, I’m setting weekly goals of material to cover and will work every hard to ensure I stay on path. Part of the reason I am doing this is to determine how well I can stick to a schedule, as I might entertain studying for the CCIE R&S after this. I’m not 100% committed to that path though as I learn more about network automation and spend a good chunk of my free time on other skills that I think are useful and valuable.

I may be posting some of my notes on the CCDA going forward. I haven’t seen too many online resources for CCDA, and I hope it helps someone else studying.